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ISA Winter Fest offers a unique experience in every corner...



Kids Paradise

Designed for kids typically between ages 2-6, our Kids Paradise contains all the fun you need to keep your little ones happy. Offering a bouncy climbing wall, football rodeo, interactive goal game, traditional Dutch tin can games, kids crafts, decorating gingerbread cookies and more...With cotton candy and pop corn just around the corner, children will leave with smiles on their faces!


Young Adults Future Games

For ages 8+, our virtual reality corner will allow your child to dive into the world of virtual reality! Offering physical activities at its peak with I-Skate (virtual ice skating), I-punch (virtual boxing), and I-dance (virtual dancing).

Ice Theatre Surprise Acts

Featuring acrobatics on roller skates, our costumed skaters will provide special entertainment for children and adults by guiding you through a world of imaginative moves on skates. Energetic, fun and engaging!    

3D Sculpture Studio

Imagine walking into a studio with 300 cameras, having your photo taken to produce a 3D image of yourself! Come and take part in this immersive experience, make your own mini-me and create a one-of-a kind gift for your family. 

Arts & Culture

Amsterdam Light Art Collection

As a highlight, this year ISA will be hosting a piece - ‘The Nest’ by two Indian artists, Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar - from Amsterdam Light Festival, Light Art Collection! A unique opportunity for an exclusive viewing from one of the city's greatest international events! Inspired by bowerbirds from Australia that build their nests strictly from recycled materials, the piece engages you to reflect on our habitats and sustainability and allows you wander into the possibilities of organic architecture.  

ISA on Stage

With 60 nationalities, we are proud of our talents here at ISA. From students, to teachers, staff and parents, our stage will feature various performances to keep you entertained throughout the WinterFest. Enjoy the pop-up shows every 45 minutes and be prepared to join in... A fun experience for family members of all ages!

Gifting and Giving

Our annual WinterFest marketplace is here again and will be held alongside our 2nd-Hand Sale organised by SHARE, our parent-run charity organisation at ISA. Stop by the market to find the perfect gift to give to friends and family. This one-stop shopping experience fits all budgets and will give you a head start on your holiday shopping!

Student Supported Charity Groups

There are many ways to experience giving and ISA is proud to provide a channel for building connections with those who are in need of support in many ways. We are happy announce that ISA student-supported charity groups will also be at the WinterFest to raise awareness and funding of the their causes.


“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.”  Charles Dudley Warner


Hospitality & Tastes


International Food Court

Imagine the tastes you can enjoy from all over the world. Our International Food Court will please your palate, while allowing you to support charitable causes each featured community chooses to support! 

WinterFest Lounge

While the children are off playing.. be sure to visit our adult's "get-away" corner to experience the relaxing and fun atmosphere of a lounge with virtual fireplaces and inspiring music. Sit, relax or sing and dance… take a moment for yourself in our après-ski inspired lounge!

Entrance fee: 5 Euros for age 4 and up (all inclusive fee for entrance to the activities, marketplace and the exclusive exhibition). Entrance fees are only accepted in cash. All visitors are encouraged to have some cash reserve for shopping at the International Food Court and supporting student charities. Marketplace will have pin machines for gift shopping.