Guiding Principles




SHARE is a collaborative working group of parent volunteers, faculty and staff members of the International School of Amsterdam (ISA). Its’ mission is to support ISA students in their Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) and Service as Action initiatives.  It fulfils its mission through:

·  Learning & Skills Development

o  providing opportunities for students to develop skills and gain experience through participation in SHARE fund-raising projects, events & activities

·  Motivating & Nurturing

o  encouraging, recognising & celebrating student service and creativity in the school, local & global communities;

o  providing advice and support to students in their community activities

·  Funding

o  Providing funds to support the activities above as well supporting students' CAS and Service as Action initiatives by providing seed-corn funding and/or matching amounts raised by students in their charitable undertakings

In order to fulfil its mission, SHARE organises fund-raising events & activities throughout the school year.   SHARE also coordinates many charitable initiatives with the aim of connecting and consolidating the various charitable activities within the school community, thereby supporting the guiding mission of the ISA which is Education for International Understanding.

SHARE was established in 1998 as an entity separate from the ISA Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which has different objectives and governance arrangements.  SHARE is therefore not part of the PTA though the two organisations co-ordinate their activities and collaborate on certain projects and activities which often draw on the same ISA community.


SHARE is run entirely by volunteers.  Volunteers come from the entire ISA community (parents/guardians, faculty or support staff).  Community members may volunteer to support only single events, multiple events or to be members of the Core Team.

The Core Team oversees all SHARE activities. It is responsible for organising all SHARE events and activities, liaising with the school administration to ensure all events are appropriately scheduled and organised with due regard for school policies, including all necessary health and safety protocols and for ensuring that all money raised is correctly accounted for and distributed according to the SHARE Guiding Principles.

The Core Team usually consists of between 7 and 10 members. It is made up of:

·  a Chair (or two Co-Chairs)

·  a Treasurer;

·  an Events Coordinator;

·  a Webmaster;

·  the CAS Co-ordinator;

·  the Service as Action Co-ordinator;

·  a Representative of the school faculty;

·  other Volunteers.

Members of the Core Team are appointed for 12 month terms that mirror the school year (i.e. August to July).

Individual volunteers interested in a particular role on the SHARE Core Team for the following school year make their interest known before the previous year is over.  At the beginning of each new school year, all volunteers interested in helping SHARE, either as a general volunteer or as a member of the Core Team, are invited to an introductory meeting.  During that meeting appointments are confirmed to the SHARE Core Team roles in the following way:

·  if only one person has expressed a willingness to fulfil a role, that person is appointed (in exception to this, two people may be appointed to the role of Co-Chair);

·  if two or more people have expressed a willingness to fulfil a role (three or more in the case of Co-Chair), the appointment will be decided by a show of hands of all persons present;

·  it is possible that one person may hold more than one position on the SHARE Core Team.


Note: the roles of CAS and Service as Action Co-Ordinators, and staff faculty Representative on the Core Team are appointments made by the ISA Director.

Note also the particular responsibilities of the Treasurer and Chair (or Co-Chair) with regards to expense authorisations below.

If during the school year a member of the Core Team has to withdraw from a particular role, the remaining members of the Core Team may reallocate responsibilities as they see fit.

No member of the Core Team, nor any other volunteer receives any payment or financial reward for their services to SHARE. What unites the volunteers and members of the Core Team is a passion and commitment to support ISA students in creating positive social change and to support activities that make a real impact through their fundraising and other initiatives.


Each SHARE event has an Event Leader (or, by exception, two Event Leaders) who takes overall responsibility for planning and execution of that event.  An Event Leader may be a member of the Core Team or a Volunteer for just a single event.  The Event Leader may be supported by other Volunteers in organising or running the event but takes overall responsibility for all aspects of the event and should be the person to whom all decisions relating to the event are deferred.

The Event Leader should try wherever possible to engage with students involved in CAS or Service as Action projects to assist in the planning and/or delivery of the event in order that they may gain experience and develop skills.


Funds Distribution

SHARE’s mission is to support ISA students in their Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) and Service as Action initiatives.  SHARE funds may only be distributed if, in doing so, those funds directly support that mission.

Decisions regarding SHARE funds distribution are taken by the SHARE Distribution Committee. That committee comprises:

·  the SHARE Chair (or Co-Chairs);

·  the SHARE Treasurer;

·  the CAS Co-Ordinator;

·  the Service as Action Co-Ordinator.

SHARE funds may be distributed at any time at the discretion of the SHARE Distribution Committee but only in accordance with the following principles:

·  funds may only be distributed from a positive account balance – SHARE may not operate with a deficit or negative cash balance;

·  requests for funds must come from an ISA student group or individual student in support of an activity that is registered, and approved by an ISA staff supervisor;

·  a funding request must be accompanied by adequate justification including, but not limited to:

o   the purpose to which the funds will be put (how the money will be spent or the registered charity to which the money will be donated);

o   what the student or student group has done already to support the stated community service project or;

o   how the student or student group will ensure that any money will be spent correctly.

In deciding how much money (if any) will be provided, the SHARE Distribution Committee will take into account;

·  the efforts made by the students in supporting their own charities or projects;

·  the assistance given to SHARE during the school year;

·  feedback received from the ISA staff supervisors; and

·  the need to maintain a positive cash account balance against possible future commitments.

Note: For the avoidance of doubt, the SHARE Distribution Committee will not consider requests for funds that come from parents / guardians or from ISA faculty or staff. Only requests from ISA Students.

Decisions by the SHARE Distribution Committee are generally guided by a ‘SHARE Funding Request Form’ completed by a student or student group that contains the information necessary to make an informed decision about the merits of the request.  Alternatively, or additionally, SHARE might invite students or student groups to present their projects and/or funding requests to the SHARE Distribution Committee and other invited audiences to enable feedback to be given and to allow better informed funding decisions to be made (for example during a so-called ‘SHARE Pitch Event’).

Accounting For Funds

The SHARE Treasurer has responsibility for ensuring that all SHARE funds are accounted for accurately and in accordance with these Articles.  The SHARE Treasurer is accountable to the SHARE Core Team in undertaking the following tasks:

·  keeping the Core Team informed of the current status of SHARE’s financial position, including current account balance, any forecast expenses and budgets for future events;

·  ensuring that all income for SHARE events are correctly accounted for immediately after the event;

·  liaising with the ISA Business Office to ensure that the SHARE account within the schools’ financial administration system is correct and in line with all authorised debits and credits;

·  agreeing, with the Core Team and Event Leader the budget for any expenses relating to an event in advance of any expenses being incurred on that event;

·  approving any and all payments of funds from the SHARE account;

·  preparing and checking any expense reimbursement claims;

·  advising the SHARE Distribution Committee in advance of decisions made by that Committee about any SHARE funds available for distribution;

·  providing to the Webmaster figures relating to SHARE Funds for inclusion on the SHARE website.


Expense Reimbursement

Any claim for reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of a SHARE event shall be made to the Treasurer.  A claim must be:

·  in-line with the budget agreed for a particular event or SHARE expense item;

·  completed on an official ISA Business Office Expense Reimbursement form;

·  accompanied by an original receipt detailing the expense;

·  accompanied by the bank account details of the person claiming the expense (all expenses are reimbursed by bank transfer).

After receiving and checking a claim for reimbursement, the Treasurer will obtain the approval signature of the Chair (or Co-Chair) before requesting payment of the claim by the ISA Business Office.

In the event that a claim for reimbursement is made by the Chair, the Treasurer may authorise the payment. In the event that a claim for reimbursement is made by the Treasurer, the Chair (or Co-Chair) may authorise the payment.

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